Happy Holidays from Local 34 & December Updates

Six clinical technologists upgraded to E level!
Six Grade C and D Clinical Technologists in the Yale Cytogenetics Lab were upgraded to Grade E by an independent consultant. Five of them received two years of back pay and the sixth, a newer employee, was upgraded as a result of the decision. Members Chelsea Matarese, Jennifer Boyle, Krista Sfiridis, Katie Amato, and Brittany Grommisch, Fang Lin, and Dongmei Wang perform high and unusual skill genomic and molecular cytogenetics analysis. Their work affects patients, clinicians and researchers in obstetrics/gynecology, pediatrics, cardiology, neurology, internal medicine, hematology and oncology at Yale and beyond and is part of the high level of care and service our Local 34 clinical workers provide.

Medical area members speak up about centralization of our work
Over the last several months, employees in many clinical departments have experienced restructuring and centralization of their work. Reorganizations spearheaded by Yale Medical Group (YMG) have impacted clinical, administrative, and financial job families. It is important that we have a voice as changes are taking place. Members in several departments including Pediatrics and Surgery have held EPMs to ensure that their interests are heard. If your work is being restructured or changing, please inform your committee person or organizer!

Local 34 marches with Atlantic City casino workers
For decades, Atlantic City casino workers have sacrificed wage increases to maintain their high-quality union health insurance. However, billionaire investor Carl Icahn has taken away the insurance and retirement plans of 1,100 casino workers and is threatening to take more.

In response dozens of Local 34 members and other New Haven allies joined more than 1,500 casino workers and others in Atlantic City in a march down the boardwalk just before Thanksgiving to protest the billionaire’s anti-worker actions.  

Icahn has pulled $350 million out of Trump Entertainment, driving the Trump Taj Mahal into bankruptcy and threatening to close the casino entirely, possibly leaving 3,000 people without jobs right before the holidays.

Read more:

Associated Press: Atlantic City Casino Workers Rally Against Investor Carl Icahn, Taj Mahal Shutdown Plan

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