Leader Spotlight – Melissa Dawkins-Doumbia


I’m Melissa Dawkins-Doumbia, and I’m an Administrative Assistant in Internal Medicine.

I have 13 years of hospital work experience and 4 years at Yale, so I know first hand the difference of working with and without strong union support.  

In my short time at Yale I’ve seen departments in the Medical School close, and others have started to shrink, while hospital-owned clinics are growing. I know that we need to stand together to keep our good jobs.

I took a Leave of Absence after realizing all of the time during the week I dedicate to the Union as a volunteer wasn’t going to be enough while assisting with the dues campaign.

During my Leave of Absence I worked both in the Medical School and on Science Hill and visited departments all across campus. There was never a slow moment, and I am proud to say that I know that my work with the Union affects hundreds of people.

While I was out on leave, Local 34 and I both turned 30. I had the opportunity to meet some of the members who founded the union and I vowed to bring forward new leaders, which I have already done! 

Together we will make Local 34 stronger, and when we turn 60 Local 35, GESO, and New Haven Rising will be by our side like they are today!

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