Account Assistants in Pediatrics Fight Back Against Plans to Outsource our Jobs

Yale Pediatric Billing
Left to Right: Karyn Turcotte, Jackie Bruneau, Wanda Ferreira, Charmaine Rohde, Diane Munger, Yolanda Giordano, Adrian Latella, Yvonne D’Amato
Last week, three account assistants in Pediatric Emergency billing were told their work will be subcontracted to a medical billing company, MRI. Pediatric billing has recently been centralized with Surgery at 100 Church Street South. “Yale tells us our 986 jobs are safe, but they just subcontracted the work I’ve been doing for 10 years,” said Wanda Ferreira who is also a member of the Local 34 Executive Board.

Yolanda Giordano, Local 34’s Vice President for the Medical Area and Pediatrics steward agreed. “First, it’s a violation of our contract to outsource this work. This confirms our worst suspicions about the University’s real intent with centralization. Yale needs to reverse the outsourcing and guarantee our 986 jobs are secure.” Six hundred Local 34 members have signed a petition asking the Medical School to reverse the subcontracting.

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