GESO’s Campaign for a Neutral Election

Since this spring our brothers and sisters in GESO have not relented in their campaign. Three times in the past year, a majority of graduate employees have petitioned Yale calling for a neutral election. This spring they submitted grievances and a petition signed by over 1,100 graduate employees calling on Yale to negotiate on three key contract issues: secure funding, mental health care, and racial and gender equity. Click here to read more about GESO’s campaign in The Nation.
This summer, GESO won a major victory on funding security for Merve Emre, a graduate teacher in the English department:

“Two years ago, I designed and taught a Yale Summer School class. I was told that I would be paid for the class but that I would have to defer my summer funding. When I later tried to collect my deferred funding, the Yale administration told me that there had been a misunderstanding and that I would not be paid the money I was owed. Only after GESO organized a petition on my behalf and offered to begin negotiations with the Dean’s office did the administration pay the money they owed me.”

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