Yale College E-level fight ends in victory!

Local 34 members in the residential colleges have won a great victory. Over the last year, we have been fighting back against the University posting three of the most sought-after jobs on campus as 11-month positions. Our members take great pride in their work with the students and their role in Yale’s unique Residential College experience. We gathered and fought back. Below is a condensed timeline of a few of the actions we took to keep our work whole. 

  • July 2014: We delivered a petition signed by over 450 members to the Provost’s Office and President’s Office.
  • November 2014: We presented our case in a grievance meeting. We spoke about these positions and the important work that takes place all year long.
  • June 5, 2015: The Residential Colleges Committee hand delivered a letter to Dean Holloway requesting a meeting to address the grieved positions along with two more newly announced vacancies.

Finally on June 11, 2015, we received an official statement from the Yale College Dean’s Office, promising that the three existing 11-month employees will have the opportunity to work a full 12-month position if they desire. We are pushing Yale to uphold our contract and commit in writing that these residential college positions will remain 12-month jobs going forward.

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