Account Assistants in Pediatrics Continue to Fight to Protect our Jobs!


The Staff of Yale Pediatric Billing

Last August, we talked about the threat that Pediatric Billing was facing. They had just been told their work would be subcontracted to an outside medical billing company. Members were furious, and concerned that their jobs were about to disappear. 

Local 34 members in Pediatric Billing fought back and won! Over the next several months they successfully held back the outsourcing, eventually forcing Yale to halt any further work with the outside vendor. We know that we are the best people to do the work, and to prove it we went head to head with the outside company. The data showed what we already know: we do the work better and less expensively than contracting to outside companies. That’s why we also were able to secure two E-level upgrades as well!

Wanda Ferreira, an Account Assistant in the department says, “Yale says that our jobs aren’t under threat, but just last week, my manager started talking about outsourcing my job all over again.” 

Because Local 34 members fought back to protect our jobs, we were able to achieve this victory. But we know that we will not actually be safe until we have our job security in writing. We won’t stop until we have a written agreement to protect the 986!

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