UNITE HERE Applauds Two-Year Delay on ACA Excise Tax


​Our union has been very concerned about a part of the Affordable Care Act, a 40% excise tax, popularly known as the “Cadillac Tax.” This tax would have impacted our members in the Aetna Plans if it was enacted. Fortunately, for nearly all of 2015, our union fought hard to get this part of the ACA repealed. 

In December, we saw very good news out of Washington, as this tax was delayed until 2020, saving nearly 1,000 of our members in Local 34 in the Aetna POS plan thousands of dollars a year. We will keep fighting in Washington until the tax is fully repealed. This delay is a great step in that direction.

D. Taylor, President of UNITE HERE, released a statement addressing the delay, which we encourage you to read
. He discusses the real driving costs of healthcare, the monopolization of our healthcare industry by large healthcare systems, ones like Yale-New Haven Health System. Although the delay of the tax helps, our Aetna plan’s costs continue to rise.

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