986 update

For over two years, we have been pushing the University to protect our 986 clinical jobs from Yale-New Haven Hospital. The moment we were anticipating arrived last week when Yale began claiming the need for potential staff cuts in every clinical department in the Medical School. In dozens of Employee Participation Meetings across the clinical practice, University administrators told members of Local 34 these cuts are necessary because of a shortfall in funding from Yale-New Haven Hospital, despite $100 million plus profits at the Hospital each year since 2013 and $70 million more in profit in last year by the Yale Medical Group!
“Our clinic gets more doctors and more patients all the time. We all know we need more staff, not less,” said Kim Mathis from the Yale Physicians Building.
Local 34 member Dykima Hardy from YMG Urology said, “These layoffs are designed to scare us and to try to move our work to the Hospital. That’s never going to happen.”

Stay tuned as the situation develops, but more importantly, stand up to Yale! Join your coworkers Thursday, May 5th at 5pm to show Yale: We Are Protecting Our Jobs!

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