Local 34 Members in Dermatopathology Fight Back Against Layoffs

At the end of May, the Dermatopathology Department issued layoff notices to two of our fellow C&Ts, Jayuan Carter and Julia Draughn. Previously, management held a meeting with C&T staff and asked for suggestions on how to reduce spending and increase revenue to address budget cuts. However, management completely disregarded our suggestions and elected to use layoffs to trim their budget, violating the Local 34 contract. It is clear that the work is not going away—Julia has been training to take over the work of another employee who left the department in addition to her own, and Jayuan is the only Lab Assistant in the department.

In just three and a half days, over 1,100 Local 34 members in the Medical School signed a petition calling for the the layoffs to be rescinded. On May 27, Jayuan and Julia delivered the petition to Dean Alpern and other members of Yale University leadership.

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