New Report: How Yale Management Threatens Good Medical Jobs

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

On May 27th, the Local 34 Officers and Executive Board met with School of Medicine Dean Robert Alpern and other University leaders. We met to discuss our findings after surveying hundreds of clinical workers on the extent to which Yale-New Haven Hospital management and Yale management are threatening our clinical jobs. The survey and resulting report, “An Epidemic of Insecurity: How Yale Management Threatens Good Medical Jobs,” were done to document and reinforce to the Yale Administration the bases of our job security contract proposals. Following are highlights from the report.

In Solidarity,
Laurie Kennington, President & Ken Suzuki, Secretary–Treasurer

An Epidemic of Insecurity: How Yale Management Threatens Good Medical Jobs

In researching our report, we surveyed 389 of the approximately 1,000 clinical workers across the Medical School and conducted over 50 follow-up interviews, which confirm two fundamental trends:

  • Yale Management is threatening our jobs across all groups of workers in the Medical School.
  • A large share of our members are working under Hospital managers who are not accountable to our contract.

​Yale is growing, why are our jobs under threat?

​In 2010, there were two Administrative Assistants for every Doctor at Yale. Over the following five years, Yale hired six times more Doctors than Administrative Assistants.


“Just two days ago, my coworker brought to my attention a St. Raphael’s Hospital employee rescheduling her doctor’s clinic. When I pointed it out, management stopped it, but it’s exhausting. We always have to be on point when it comes to our jobs—every week it’s something new.”

Dykima Hardy
Administrative Assistant, Urology


“My manager works for YNHH, and except for my immediate Local 34 coworkers, we are surrounded by Hospital staff. It’s easy to see how our work could slip away to the Hospital. We need a written agreement that there will be job security for all of the 986!”

Joann Montalto
Medical Assistant, Internal Medicine Cardiology

Increasingly, our members are working under Hospital managers.

​Every other worker across the Medical School has some contact with a Hospital manager. These managers are not accountable to Local 34’s contract, and in certain cases they get away with egregious violations of our contract with impunity.
“Instead of filling a position with a full time staff member, my Hospital manager has retained a temp for 10 months. His choices have made my job harder, and we get less work done now than when we had more full time staff.” 

Amy Ruimerman
Licensed Practicing Nurse, Neurology

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