Medical School Layoff Update

As of today there have been 18.5 layoffs in the Medical School, many fewer than Yale threatened in the spring.

Layoffs have taken place in the following departments: two in Dermatology, three and a half in OB/GYN (one position was cut to part-time), 10 in Patient Financial Services, and three in Surgery.

In these departments and many others across the Medical School, Local 34 members have held Employee Participation Meetings to demand that management do everything possible to prevent layoffs. These meetings, and the support coming from across the entire campus, have successfully prevented many more layoffs.

Furthermore, the layoff protection language in our contract, which guarantees 90 days notice and up to 15 months of continued pay and benefits, also encourages the rapid placement of laid off workers into open positions. Of the 18 C&Ts laid off, eight have already been successfully placed in new positions at Yale and three have chosen to retire. The Local 34 Job Search Team is working hard to make sure that everyone is placed as quickly as possible.

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