Yale University Hires Non-Union C&Ts!

While the University is using Hospital cuts in funding to justify layoffs across the Medical School, it is hiring non-union C&Ts in Branford, Guilford, and Stamford. Yale University has created a for-profit subsidiary called Medical Practice Management (MPM) that is headquartered across the hall from Patient Financial Services in 300 George Street. MPM recently held a job fair looking to fill entry-level C&T positions in Stamford, including: LPNs, Call Center Receptionists, Lead Call Center Receptionists, and Clinical Secretaries.  

But they are not just recruiting in Stamford. MPM already employs C&T workers who staff Branford Dermatology and Yale Eye Center, Guilford. MPM is owned by Yale University and our contract clearly states that Local 34 represents all C&T workers employed by Yale in the Greater New Haven region. We have years of history representing workers in Branford and Guilford. So while our members are experiencing unprecedented attacks on our job security, the University is violating our contract by hiring non-union C&Ts in Greater New Haven.


“I was alarmed to learn that while we are fighting layoffs in Dermatology, our department is expanding its C&T staff in Branford with non-union workers. The University must stop threatening our jobs and stop violating our contract by making these workers members of Local 34.”
Rebecca Corbett
Senior Administrative Assistant
Department of Dermatology

The business details of Medical Practice Management that Yale University filed with the State of Connecticut show that this LLC is a for-profit subsidiary of Yale University.
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