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C&T Training and Development

Over the last seven years, Local 34 has worked with the University to develop a training curriculum for C&Ts, focusing on skills we need to advance or move within the University.

Our contract guarantees C&Ts up to 30 hours of paid training time each year. Please be sure to work with your supervisor to help plan for coverage when you sign up for classes.

To accommodate the Workday Financial implementation, the C&T Training and Development Program is designed differently this summer. Going forward, additional programs will be offered throughout the year to reinforce skill development. Stay tuned!

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How do I record this in MyTime?

  • On your timecard, click on the +→ button next to “Hours Worked”
  • Select “Training Release Time” from the drop down menu
  • Enter the hours that you were attending training
  • You will be paid as usual for that time
  • Even if you are in a seasonal position and not currently working, you can enroll in courses and report your time