Summer Training / Long Service / Smilow Visits 33 Wall Street

2017 Summer Training Kickoff Event

C&T Kickoff Poster

It’s back! Our very successful program, now bolstered by a $75,000 budget that we negotiated in our contract, will run from June 6 to August 2. Course registration will open on May 15, through the Training Management System (TMS).

Come join us and your colleagues on May 24 from 9-11am as we kick off the program for 2017. The event will take place at the TAC building at 300 Cedar Street in the Medical School. Refreshments start at 8am. If you’d like to attend, please RSVP here.

Our contract guarantees C&Ts up to 30 hours of paid training time each year. You may use this time for any course offered, whether or not it relates to your current position.

How do I record this in MyTime?

  • On your timecard, click on the +→ button next to “Hours Worked”
  • Select “Training Release Time” from the drop down menu
  • Enter the hours that you were attending training
  • You will be paid as usual for that time
  • Even if you are in a seasonal position and not currently working, you can enroll in courses and report your time

Long Service Awards

Local 34 Yale Press Committee Member Lisa Scecina was honored for over 25 years of service.

On May 3, our colleagues with over 25 years at Yale gathered for the annual Long Service Awards. Many of our sisters and brothers in Local 34 and Local 35 were there to be honored for their service to the university.

Our friends in Local 33 were set up outside the event to congratulate the honorees and hand out potted marigolds to show solidarity with those fasting only a couple hundred feet away.

Smilow Cancer Center Organizing Committee Visits
33 Wall Street

On May 4, the Organizing Committee from the Smilow Cancer Center stopped by 33 Wall Street to check in on the Local 33 fasters. As you can see, they brought the love with them!

Local 33 sends along a heartfelt thank you to all of those who have come by to say hello, and they invite everyone to come down to Beinecke Plaza and visit.