I need Yale to understand that dedicated employees like me deserve to have our jobs protected

Like many of you, I consider myself a Yalie even though I’ve never been a student at the University. I love my job. I do it well. And I need Yale to understand that dedicated employees like me deserve to have our jobs protected, especially during a pandemic.

Since the pandemic started, I’ve transitioned to working remotely, while also helping my children with their remote education and dealing with the stress and anxiety of this challenging year. I work at the Yale Medicine Coordination, Appointment, Referral & Engagement (CARE) Center. During my time at the CARE Center, I’ve helped thousands of patients and worked with doctors and staff to provide the quality care that our patients deserve. As a New Haven resident, I’m also proud to say the CARE Center has achieved major success with implementing Yale’s local hiring initiative. These CARE Center jobs provide millions of dollars in annual wages and benefits to New Haven residents.

Our jobs are important to the University, to our communities, and to us, which is why we are fighting for stronger job security language. When I moved to Yale Medicine after 15 years with the hospital, the biggest incentive wasn’t the great wages or health care. It was the opportunity to be part of a union, where I wouldn’t be laid off without a union to back me up. I know that our union fights to make our jobs better, and wins. I spent too long on the outside to give up now. Now is the time to fight to win better job security that we can count on.

I need you to join me in sharing your story. Send a letter here to tell President Salovey, to respect our work, protect our jobs, and ensure that good union jobs grow as Yale grows.

Lynell Graham

Yale Care Center, 2 years at Yale