Local Nominations and Elections are Now Completed

Last night our Local 34 Election Committee tallied the votes in our Executive Board election for District Three. Incumbent Marcy Kaufman won over challenger Elizabeth Ludyjan. Marcy will continue to represent Local 34 members in that district on our Executive Board. We have now concluded our union’s 2021 nominations and elections process.

We are happy to announce that this is the largest Executive Board in Local 34’s history. Not every district is filled, but this year we are welcoming many new faces into our union’s leadership. Take a look below at the full roster of elected officers, stewards, organizers, trustees, and executive board members. They will serve three-year terms in their posts.

Our Local 34 Officers, Trustees, and Executive Board

Office Officers, Stewards, Organizers, and Trustees
President Laura Kennington
Vice-President for Medical School Antonio Lopes
Vice-President for Medical School Lisa Stevens
Vice-President for Central Area Ann DeLauro
Vice-President for Science Area
Amelia Prostano
Recording Secretary Elia Vollano
Secretary-Treasurer Ken Suzuki
Chief Steward Adam Marchand
Chief Steward Azaria McClure
Chief Steward Barbara Vereen
Organizer Jess Corbett
Organizer Ian Dunn
Organizer Avani Mehta
Trustee Kate Gonzalez
Trustee Lisa Gras
Trustee Kelley James
District Member Department
2 Isaac Bloodworth Yale Center for British Art
3 Marcy Kaufman History
4 Arthur Greiser ITS Campus Technology Services
6 Aldo Cupo Yale Press
7 Hubert Berkeley Library – Collections Maintenance
8 Jennifer Garcia Beinecke Library
10 Shannon Casanova School of Management
12 Eleanor Migliore Environment School
14 Ellen Cupo LGBT and Women’s and Gender Studies
15 Luz Miranda Yale College
16 Anne Schwartz Development
17 Chris Owens Procurement – Accounts Payable
18 Connor O’Rourke Library-MSSSL
20 Mary Thigpen Yale Health – Acute Care
21 Mark Nettleton Yale Health – Clinical Pharmacy
22 Jo-ann Dziuba ITS Campus Technology Services
23 Lorraine Skibitcky Best Practices
25 Melissa Nixon School of Nursing
29 Rebecca Corbett Dermatology
30 Laura Fuller-Weston Surgical Pathology
31 Dana Greene School of Public Health
32 Tiffany Jones Comprehensive Cancer Center – CRSL
33 Bernadette Alicea Cancer Center
34 Crystal Bates Clinical Affairs – YMA CARE Center
35 Lynell Graham Clinical Affairs – YMA CARE Center
38 Kiamesha Robinson Clinical Affairs – YMA Accounts Receivable
39 Wanda Ferreira Clinical Affairs – YMA Coding and Billing
40 Celesta Kearney Orthopedics
41 Melanie Guerrera Clinical Affairs – YMA Clinical Operations
43 Craig Wilson YARC
45 Sheila O’Toole Surgery
46 Mark Dias Imaging Research Center – Pet Center
50 Blake Anderson Yale School of Medicine – Admissions