If I’m willing to deliver for Yale, why won’t Yale deliver for me?

Dear Local 34 Members,

I work in the Coding & Billing Department of Yale Medicine.  My work helped the University generate $1.02 billion in revenue this year. Some days, I code surgeries worth tens of thousands of dollars. But even so, I’m fighting to ensure my job is protected from subcontracting and automation in our next contract. Do you know how it feels to worry about having your job outsourced when you earn Yale your entire salary before lunch?

Even during COVID, Yale Medicine has seen enormous success, thanks in no small part to the brave Local 34 clinical workers who came to work even during the earliest days of the pandemic, when we knew much less about the virus and how it spread. As a Certified Professional Coder, I’m responsible for reading complex operative notes that Yale Medicine doctors dictate when they provide services, and determining the most accurate way of reflecting what the doctor did. My work needs to be accurate and compliant with state and federal regulations, which is why I renew my certification every year. It’s skilled work, and I’m confident in the value I bring to the University. My question is, if I’m willing to deliver for Yale, why won’t Yale deliver for me?

I came to the Yale for our pension, and I stay because I want to know I can retire with dignity. Our union standard helps Yale attract a talented workforce, and this pandemic has shown just how much Yale needs us. After ten years with the University, I deserve to have my job protected.

Add your story to mine. Send a letter here to tell President Salovey to respect our work, protect our jobs, and ensure that good union jobs grow as Yale grows.

Samuel Calabria
Account Assistant, Coding & Billing
10 years at Yale