Art Greiser

Department: Media and Tech Services

Position: ITS Classroom Technology and Event Services

My Local 34 Story

I was hired as an M&P Classroom AV Technician in 2006, but I didn’t manage a single worker. I did not understand that my position was misclassified until organizers from Local 34 informed me that I was eligible to transition into the union. Through discussions with a Local 34 organizer, I overcame my skepticism and joined Local 34. The Local 34 standard has provided me with more job security and retirement security with a pension. This is important for me as I raise a family in New Haven.

The union has taught me that we cannot take our standard of wages, healthcare, retirement, and job security for granted, and that we are the ones who make our standard so great. This is why I have organized my department and built a committee there. Together we have faced confrontations with the management. By organizing and sticking together we won a great contract in 2012, and we have continued to win great contracts.

But I also know that the fight does not stop with our contract wins. This year I’m fighting against subcontracting and contracting in ITS, which threaten our jobs and limit the University’s ability to hire locally.