Mark Nettleton

Department: Yale Health

Position: Pharmacy Technician

Years at Yale: 3

Our wages, healthcare, and job security are some of the best benefits in the area. But one of the biggest benefits of our union is the opportunity to grow as a person.

I’m not a super outgoing guy, but during the beginning of the pandemic I was calling lots of members to do our contract priority questionnaire. People were scared. They didn’t know what was going on or if they would keep their jobs. Hearing members concerns about job security and answering questions made me feel good. Telling them that we still had to come into work but we would get proper PPE, while getting paid time and a half was empowering for me and our members.

It was very challenging for me to become an Executive Board member. Part of being a leader is having tough conversations, which is difficult for me. But stepping up made me develop a skill set that I didn’t have. Doing it more and more has made me feel more confident. I know that our union is only strong when members step into leadership and organize. So accepting this responsibility and working with my organizing has helped me grow and I’m proud of doing difficult things to make our union more powerful.