Chris Owens

Department: Finance and Business Operations

Position: Accounts Payable Assistant

Throughout my adult life, I’ve dedicated my time to volunteering in various organizations, striving to make a positive impact on my community. I’ve been involved in launching community-based projects, fundraising for schools, and supporting social justice organizations. Collaboration has always been key, relying on teams of individuals to achieve our goals and assist those in need. Even when I joined Yale, I continued volunteering with groups like the United Way and took on a leadership role in the Yale Youth Golf Program. My driving force has always been to lend a helping hand when my community needs it most.

During my volunteer work, I crossed paths with someone involved in the union, who invited me to participate in union activities and actions. As time went on, she trained me to become a steward in my department. Eventually, I found myself as the last steward remaining in my department, and I recognized that my co-workers were facing significant challenges. Drawing upon the skills I had acquired throughout my career, I stepped up to help. It was a difficult task, but it provided me with the opportunity to assemble a team of caring individuals who shared my passion for making a difference.

Being part of the union, for me, is about compassion and problem-solving. Stewards and members of the E-Board, including myself, are at the forefront assisting others. However, it is the collective effort of everyone involved that truly makes a difference. We don’t engage in this work for personal gain or preferential treatment; we do it because we genuinely want to create a better workplace for all.