Luz Miranda

Department: YCOIPE CIPE Dean’s Office

Position: Financial Assistant

I’m always striving to improve myself and believe that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and fairness. When I started at Yale, with an associate’s degree, I quickly realized that the work I was doing was above my pay grade. So, I did a job audit to ensure I was compensated appropriately for my efforts. I continued my education by taking advantage of free courses offered by the university, ultimately earning a master’s degree and taking on advanced responsibilities. I’m proud that I started here in a grade C job and have advanced to our top labor grade E.

As a union steward, I encountered a situation where an older member was facing layoff due to changes in her department. Understandably, she was distressed—she needed her job! However, there was an open position in the same department that she could transition into with just a little training. Rather than allowing the university to lay her off, I advocated for the managers to do the right thing and provide the necessary training so she could retain employment.

Being a part of this union has taught me not to accept things as they are. It’s our responsibility to scrutinize situations, ensure we’re treated with respect, and motivate one another to create positive change and continued improvement.