Local 34 Members in Surgery Transplant push back against YNHH expansion


Staff of the Yale Surgery Transplant Lab

Local 34 members in Yale Surgery Transplant win victory!

We were notified a few months ago that Yale-New Haven Hospital was considering changing its agreement with the Yale Surgery Transplant lab. This could have meant that we would lose our Union jobs. We gathered to make certain that both Yale and the Hospital knew that losing this work would hurt both patients and workers.

We stuck together and moved on the issue quickly. We had meetings with Transplant faculty and delivered a photo petition to the Chief, Chair, and Dean. We were consistent in our message that they must respect and support the medical school mission of clinical research and education, and that we want our jobs to stay Local 34 jobs.

We were able to push back against the Hospital’s expansion, secure the lab’s contract for an additional year, and ensure that our work remains with the University and the Union.

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