We know that Yale Medicine has been growing rapidly over the last several years. The department is now the primary provider of care for many in our region. With all of this growth, the department has begun restructuring in several areas.

In a recent reorganization in the Department of Revenue Integrity and Analytics, part of the billing operation of Yale Medicine, the department identified several positions where M&Ps would transition into doing C&T work. This is a great example of working together to make sure that our contract is respected.

These employees, who had from two to 22 years of service as M&Ps, decided to make the switch to C&Ts in Local 34. We are so happy that we’ve begun a process with the University to protect our work.

Karn McKane, Cheryl Brainerd, Lisa Piscitelli, Christine Hoyt, Kim Cowdrey, Nadine Jones, Ewa Dawidowski, Sandra Sapp, and Local 34 Executive Board member Elia Vollano

“The job security offered by the Local 34 contract made this decision easy. With benefits I’ll receive now that I’m in the union, I’m going to save hundreds of dollars a month on health care costs, I’ll get better raises, and with our pension, my retirement is looking better than I had ever expected when I was in management.” – Nadine Jones, Account Assistant 4