Nearly four years ago, Local 34 filed the first grievance in our fight to stop our jobs from becoming non-union Hospital jobs. Local 34 work was being posted as Yale-New Haven Hospital work, and we were losing positions.

Karen Salinas (pictured left) was one of those workers.

Her path to Yale was similar to many others before her. She was temping as a Yale University employee, but when she was offered a permanent position it was through YNHH.

Laura Koutsopolos (pictured right), a longtime Local 34 leader, knew this position belonged in Local 34, and set out to get Karen’s job back in the union.

We know what a difference our contract makes, and we’re so happy to announce that Karen’s position as an Admin Assistant in the Department of Cardiology is now a Local 34 job! This was a hard-won victory and a testament to the strength of our union and how hard we will fight for each other to protect our jobs.